Neptune Head 2013 Results

Congratulations to all Commercial crews involved.  Click Here to link to the results.

Womens Novice Coxed Quad (WN4X+) came in at 23:38.  The winning crew (Graiguenamanagh) came in at 18:43 – that means we’re 21% off the winning pace & 16% off Garda.  This is actually quite good bearing in mind that Graiguenamanagh and Garda  have been rowing for a few years already and we’ve only only started two months ago.

Womens Senior Double (WS2X) came in at 19:24.  The winning crew came in at 16:09 – that means we’re 16% off the winning pace.  This is very good considering its that double only came together last week for the first time.

Overall, it’s been a great learning experience and if we raced again tomorrow, I believe we’d already be 2 or 3 percent faster.  By the end of the Head season, we’ll certainly be competing for pennants.



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