St Michael’s Head Arrangements (Feb 22nd 2014)

  • <updated post – head will take place on Feb 22nd>
  • St Michael’s Head will take place in O’Brien’s Bridge (near Limerick) on Saturday, 22nd of February 2014 from 09:00 to 16:00
  • Boat loading takes place from 18:00 on Thursday 20th Feb at the boathouse.
  • Bring your size 10 spanners, Zephyrs & Wellingtons (essential to keep warn and dry throughout the day).
  •  Course length approximately 3.2 km (including one minor bend).
  • The WN4X+ (stk Michelle, Bebhinn, Líadan, Jeanine, cox Madeline) is entered will use the “Banrionn Meadbh”
  •  The WN2X entry has been cancelled.  The WN4X will row twice instead (i.e. two bow numbers).
  • Please be at O’Briens Bridge by 08:00 – to put the boats together, survey the course / rules, coxes meeting etc.
  • Details of the exact course will be given at the Coxes Meetings which will be probably held at 08.30 a.m.   It is essential that all coxes, scullers and steerers attend these meetings.
  • It takes 2 hours to drive from Islandbridge, so 6am is a good time to be on the road.  Anyone stuck for a lift, call CD.
  • Fees: 60€ total for the 4X+,  about €5 for trailer transport costs, about €10 for Diesel costs and I’ve paid the €60 registration fee for some of you.


<updated 10/Feb/2014>



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