5K Erg Test

As discussed, we are coming towards the end of the winter training season and it’s time to gauge the size of our lungs!   What cannot be measured cannot be improved, so we will undertake a 5000 meter erg test on or before Saturday 1st March.

Please record your time in the ‘blue book’ marked “2014 Erg Records” under date field March 1st (for privacy reasons, results will not be published anywhere else.).  Please record Name, Distance, Time, Rate and Split time.

Commercial Rowing Club rules apply (i.e. use one of the Concept 2 ergs in our clubhouse, test must be witnessed, no water-work until erg test is complete).

Depending on your fitness level, you will probably get best results using a rate between 26 and 31 (recommended rate: 28).

You can do the 5K as many times as you want before 1st March and record your best time.

Remember that the test is for your own benefit to gauge your own performance

I recommend that a few arrange to do the test together to spur each-other on.

I recommend spending at least 10 min on the erg to get warmed up before starting the test.

In June 1st, you’ll undertake a 2000 meter erg test (5K and 2K are the standard annual fitness tests).

Good luck,



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