Neptune Regatta Arrangements (contd)

The Draw for Neptune Regatta (5th April 2014) has now been published here.

As you see, there are 11 crews in total in our event “Womens Club2 4X+”

We are racing (#31) against Belfast RC at 08:24.  If we win our heat, we will proceed to race again at 10:45 (#78) and then again in the semi-final (#103) at 12:00.  The final will be at 13:24 (#131).

Please be down at the club house one hour in advance of our race (i.e. 07:24).   Don’t forget your zephyrs / one-pieces.

Positions: Stroke: Michelle, three: Pippa, two: Jeanine, bow: Lia, cox: Samantha

WX forecast is calm, about 13 degrees, but with possibility of rain.

I’ll be collecting fees tomorrow night (38€ + €30 cox registration = €68) which works out as €17 euro from each rower.




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