Metro Regatta Arrangements 1

  • Metro Regatta will take place on Blessington lake on Saturday May 17th (all-day event).
  • Regatta consists of a standing start, over a six-lane 1900m course.
  • If we have the numbers, we will enter a Div 2 4X+ and a 2X.   Please inform CD if you’re not available.  Crew selection based primarily on attendance record.
  • We will be rowing (preferably) in the ‘Maidir’ 4X+ boat and the ‘Deirdre’ 2X.
  • Since Metro is part of the ‘Grand League’ series, each crew will get at least two races each.  The series is designed to increase racing experience.
  • Bring your Zephyrs/one-pieces, Suncream & size 10 spanners.
  • De-rigging the boats will take place on Thursday 15th at 20:00
  • Fees: 10€ per person per event, plus 7€ for boat transport fees.
  • More details to follow (i.e. time of race, competing clubs, station, race number & travel arrangements).

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